Are You Marketing Your Events Correctly?

By: Brock Cooper on April 27, 2016

Throughout the year, a business may be involved with several events, both big and small. It could be a weekly farmer’s market, holiday sale or large show or convention. These events can create tremendous buzz and get not only new customers, but also expand your brand. The key to a successful event is proper marketing. […]

Cross Promoting on Social Media

By: Brock Cooper on April 20, 2016

Many people treat social media such as Facebook as their own little island. They can talk about their business and even share posts from other people, but ultimately it’s all about them. With the organic reach of Facebook shrinking by the hour, it’s time to ditch this isolationist mindset and starting working towards cross promotion. […]

Custom or Template Design, Which is Best for your Business?

By: Brandee Bell on April 13, 2016

When developing a website, one of the major decisions you will have to make is whether to start with a premade template or a custom design. This is a common conversation I have with clients and I try to talk them through the pros and cons of each option. Many businesses do not have a […]

Are you using an Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy?

By: Brock Cooper on April 6, 2016

The world of digital marketing is like a whirlpool of change, never stopping and constantly ebbing and flowing to new developments. One of the most recent and impactful of those is the Omni-channel marketing strategy. What is Omni-channel marketing? There was a time when people only had a few ways to learn about or purchase […]

Increasing Your Organic Reach On Facebook

By: Brock Cooper on March 30, 2016

You have to love Facebook. It’s the only place you can learn a million ways to eat Ramen noodles and find out that your friend has a foot fungus. Businesses need Facebook to reach and interact with the customers, but Facebook has gotten pretty stingy with the newsfeed love lately. ..maybe foot fungus made a […]