Twitter tweets just got a little longer…sort of

By: Brock Cooper on May 27, 2016

Anyone that has tried to keep tweets down to 140 characters knows that it can be difficult, especially if you have names, images and URLs in the message. It’s tough to tell someone something when they’re @someonewhobelievesnamingconventionstobederivative. Twitter is helping people out by removing names, URLS and images from your character count. The days of […]

Is It Time To Shake Things Up A Bit With Your Website Design?

By: Brock Cooper on May 12, 2016

Every night my children and I watch a television show called “Horrible Histories.” It’s a British show that details all the gory and gooey bits about history that they don’t teach you in school. It’s an unsanitized version that’s fun and interesting. Why is it interesting? It goes against the boring and cleaned up aspects […]

Button, Button Who’s Got The Button…Apparently Everyone

By: Brock Cooper on May 5, 2016

Remember the days when you could have an online store and that was it. People searched for your products online and went to your store. Today there are so many avenues to sell your product and everyone seems to have a buy button available. Is this a good idea or bad? The Evolution of Buy […]

Are You Marketing Your Events Correctly?

By: Brock Cooper on April 27, 2016

Throughout the year, a business may be involved with several events, both big and small. It could be a weekly farmer’s market, holiday sale or large show or convention. These events can create tremendous buzz and get not only new customers, but also expand your brand. The key to a successful event is proper marketing. […]

Cross Promoting on Social Media

By: Brock Cooper on April 20, 2016

Many people treat social media such as Facebook as their own little island. They can talk about their business and even share posts from other people, but ultimately it’s all about them. With the organic reach of Facebook shrinking by the hour, it’s time to ditch this isolationist mindset and starting working towards cross promotion. […]